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Rye Try

Posted: 2010 May 01 (Sat) 14:59 UTC

Rye Try

We finally moved to the new house, and I have a new oven to figure out. This one is gas and quite old. I initially had trouble keeping the pilot light lit, but it seems to be staying on this week. Another concern is the oven thermostat: can I trust it? I will buy an oven thermometer to see.

The first bread I made in this house was a repeat of the last oatmeal/whole wheat thing. I made it in a bread pan in an attempt to get the bread to stay taller. It did not do well. The crumb was too muffin-y. I think I'm going to stick to the baking stone from now on.

This week, I whipped out the dry erase marker and started putting together a ratio of rye, whole wheat, and all-purpose to find something that looked like it would taste good. The rye bread in my 5-Minute Artisan Bread book has way too much all-purpose. I'm adding it back because I think I actually need it to make better, more diverse bread. I should stop thinking of it as being evil. Here's what I came up with:

This seemed satisfying: all-purpose would only be 46% of the flour (by volume).

First rise was 2 hours. Put it in the fridge overnight. Cut out half of the dough, stretched and shaped it, laid it on corn meal on my wood cutting board. Rested for 40 minutes. Cut 2 slashes in the top and popped it in a preheated oven at 400°F for about 50 minutes on the baking stone next to a loaf pan of water.

I'll say it again: the book's claim of "5 minutes a day" is utter crap because you have to be around while it rises, rests, and bakes. You can't go driving off to work or anything.

About all-purpose flour: I like that it lowers the time for resting and baking. It's easier for yeast to create air pockets when it's not whole grain.

And about the rye: it tastes really good.

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