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Oh, my god! Tortillas!

Posted: 2011 Jan 06 (Thu) 01:44 UTC

Oh, my god! Tortillas!

Here was the scene: we only had 3 tortillas in the bag and we needed 4. Well, let's look at the ingredients. Flour, baking powder, salt, water, and oil. Hmm... I've got all that. TO THE INTERNET!

I wanted whole wheat flour. I found this tortilla recipe. To repeat it here:

Dry ingredients in a bowl. Added the wet. Stirred. Then kneaded about 20 times, as she suggests. I let it rest for 15 minutes. When ready, we heated a skillet. I used an older POM glass since I don't have a rolling pin. I used all-purpose flour to coat a cutting board, my hands, and the cylindrical glass. I kept dividing the dough down until I had an eighth. I rolled it into something approximating a circle and, one by one, cooked them in the dry skillet, turning once or twice to make sure they cooked on both sides.

And that's all it takes! Super easy, and they taste so good.

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