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Lotta oats

Posted: 2011 Mar 26 (Sat) 02:15 UTC

Lotta oats

When I started making this bread, I asked one simple question: what if I doubled the oats? And by that I mean double what I was doing before. This is actually quadruple the amount that I've seen in any other recipe. I just had to know why everyone stays away from oats.

The answer: it becomes awesome. Completely awesome in all ways. I can't stop eating it. And I didn't even do the trick of slathering on oil post-bake. What's strange is I can't even see the oats in the bread. It just disappeared.

Let me just cut to the recipe, not that I really counted how much additional whole wheat flour I added while kneading to make it not-so-sticky. Just do what you think is right. And yes, this recipe is basically identical in all other regards to the last one. It just has a lot more oats. Oh, and no pumpkin seeds.

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