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Spelt Is Good

Posted: 2010 Mar 03 (Wed) 14:47 UTC

Spelt Is Good

I tore off about a third of the spelt/whole wheat (SWW) dough Monday night, did the "cloaking" thing I described before, lightly covered it with all-purpose flour (so it wouldn't stick), stretched it out to be log-like, and let it sit on a corn meal-covered cutting board for about 2 hours. I then baked it at 450°F for (I think it was) 25 minutes before turning it down to 350°F for the remaining 10 or 15 minutes. I'm not sure turning the oven down did anything, but I was trying to make sure the crust didn't burn. Oh, and I had a loaf pan filled with water alongside the baking dough. This supposedly does something important, though I'm not sure what exactly.

Then yesterday morning, I cut off four slices of the SWW bread to bring to work for sandwiches at lunch. At the office, I toasted them and put on mayo and colby-jack. (At this point, I melted the cheese on the bread in the toaster oven.) Then ham and lettuce. (I would normally have had bacon too, but I didn't pre-fry any that morning.)

This bread is delicious. I'm not sure it can be improved at all. It's also really good toasted with some butter.

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