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Quick cornbread

Posted: 2011 Oct 14 (Fri) 02:21 UTC

Quick cornbread

Tonight was beans, okra, and rice, so of course I needed to make some cornbread. I've never made it from scratch, so I didn't have a go-to recipe. I also didn't have much time since the rice was already going. A Google search gave me this recipe near the top. I more or less had the ingredients, so I went to it, making small changes here and there.

First, I lowered the sugar amount, using sucanat because it's what we had. It also adds a nice molasses flavor. I also altered the recipe by adding corn since that always adds a nice texture. I didn't have any jalapeño, which would have been awesome. I baked the mix in a glass pan in the oven at 400°F for 25 minutes. Nothing crazy to this. It's very quick.

It tastes really good. Too good, actually. It's addictive, which isn't what I want in a food that has that much sugar, oil, and white flour. I already know how I want to change this for next time. Buttermilk would be great, but I'm avoiding dairy these days, so I will continue to use almond milk. What I'll do is lower the sugar even more to maybe ¼ cup, raise the cornmeal to 1 1/3 cups, lower the all-purpose to 1/3 cup, and add 1/3 cup whole wheat flour. I don't want them to be so sweet and I want more fiber to slow you down. I want a hearty cornbread that satisfies instead of leaves me wanting more and more.

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