Legacy/KLSU Modern Mix Tape album cover

Legacy/KLSU Modern Mix Tape

15 songs from people associated with lsu


KLSU, LSU's college radio station, ran an ad for bands to submit songs for an upcoming mix tape (CD, actually). The deadline was March 10, 2006. The contest was primarily run by Legacy Magazine, LSU's student-run magazine. Each band could only submit a single song. There were 15 winners (out of 44 applicants) who were interviewed by Legacy for the April issue. The songs were released on 3000 CDs. (Read the Info Sheet.)


Three songs were selected by a panel of judges to be the top 3. Those songs were then put online for the public to vote for the best one. Voting lasted from Monday, March 13, to Wednesday, March 15.

More importantly, I WON AND GOT A SONG ON THE CD. Which song? "Happy Freakin' Birthday". An interview was scheduled for Thursday, March 16, at 3:30pm at Highland Coffees. It went well enough. Pictures were taken outside Tequilas on Chimes Street against the yellow wall. Each artist was to get 100 words in the final Legacy article. I ended up getting 190 or so.


The Legacy issue with the article came out Tuesday, April 25. During the week of April 25-28, CDs were distributed on campus for free. The article and pictures were also put up at the Legacy site.

Track List

  1. "Boy With a Voice that Could Destroy the World" - Reception Is Suspected
  2. "Don't Worry" - The Prescriptions
  3. "Rebirth" - Dee-1
  4. "Sea of Sound" - Cortez del Mar
  5. "c/o" - Erin Miley
  6. "Break in the Rain" - The Back Forty
  7. "Happy Freakin' Birthday" - Leif
  8. "People Say" - Hi Five
  9. "If Only" - John's Little Brother
  10. "Glass Tongue" - Vessel (Reid Willis)
  11. "Everything Is Fine" - We Landed on the Moon!
  12. "November" - Lindsay Rae Spurlock
  13. "theme" - Shark Attack!
  14. "Live and Learn" - No Fuego
  15. "Hey Edna" - Dustin Gauthier Band