Clyde Died

Posted: 2005 Nov 27 20:28 UTC

— WCSL is seemingly haunted by the specter of death, many say, as a beloved Friend of Leif™ was discovered dead this week in a Spanish Town apartment. Investigators point to overwatering as the cause of Clyde's premature demise.

Dead plant
The remains of Clyde, former Friend of Leif™.

"What? You bastard! You killed him!" said Van Goodwin, the previous owner of Clyde who was notified via instant message.

Many in the online community are seeing parallels between Clyde's death and that of former WCSL webmaster Chaz, who drowned September 24 when Hurricane Rita hit Lake Charles.

"It's weird that both deaths are because of water," said Baton Rouge Police Detective Charles Farley. "But I am positive that the two incidents are unrelated."