Downtown Move Set for the Weekend

Posted: 2004 Jul 14 18:53 UTC

— Man has always wandered from one place to another, moving when conditions are no longer favorable or to find that something better. Or because they were kicked out. So it goes for our Founder, who moves at the end of the week to an apartment on the bank of the old Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge.

floor plan
Apartment floor plan [Provided by River Palms.]

"We are happy to announce that River Palms has been selected as the next Founder residence," said Founder Spokesman George Spielfisch. "It was chosen because of the excellent environment and solid hexagonal design." The circular three-story complex was built with hexagonal rooms. A fourth floor faces the Mississippi on a portion of the building.

"The River Palms staff offered a choice of five rooms and a south-facing third floor suite was picked. It will provide an excellent view of the pool area as well as letting in life-giving sunlight," said Spielfisch.

Insiders say those close to the Founder were initially concerned because moving into River Palms meant a long 12-mile commute to the office. Many are still not convinced that such a move is the best decision and suggest insanity has taken over the Office of the Founder.

The lease is tentatively set to be signed on Friday. That is also the day Entergy has been notified to switch on the power.

The chosen apartment is an 1100-square-foot, two-bedroom dwelling with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. The rent is rumored to be 450$ per month with everything but electricity and internet covered. The lease is for 12 months.

Some suggest there must be a roommate since it is a two-bedroom apartment. Friends close to the Office of the Founder hint that the roommate goes by the name "John," but WCSL officials are neither confirming nor denying the existence of anyone with this name.