Founder Living in Stone Age

Posted: 2004 Sep 21 19:58 UTC

Leif's current room set-up at River Palms.

— "The Founder is without internet," started WCSL Founder Spokesman George Spielfisch at this morning's WCSL press conference. Many reporters were silenced at the abrupt news. "He has been without a home internet connection since the first move of this summer, June 19."

Leif's first move was a temporary one so that he could housesit for his parents. The final move was on July 19 to River Palms Apartments. The second move was to last a weekend but stretched out for over a month due to a trip to Montréal, Canada, and then Pensacola, Florida.

It is not known for how much longer Leif will be without internet, said Spielfisch. All hardware is in place in the apartment and it seems to be a Windows networking issue.

"Due to this problem, updating WCSL content has been very difficult," said Spielfisch. The Founder is unable to grant permission and advise on the content of the site.

During this period of intermittent updating, the public is advised to take shelter and drink plenty of fluids. It is not clear why extra fluid consumption is necessary as new research indicates this is a myth with no scientific basis. Only those who work outdoors or exercise will benefit from the increase in water intake.

In the meantime, the Founder's apartment is slowly being added to. A supplied press image shows his room has most of the amenities that define a modern living environment including a bed and potted plant. The intriguing hexagonal shape of the room is hinted at by the angle between two of the visible walls.

Spielfisch said that most of Leif's waking hours are still spent on the job and this makes it difficult to tend to the internet situation and apartment duties.