Leif's Car Stranded

Posted: 2006 Jun 30 14:52 UTC

— The Founder's 1990 Toyota Corolla was abandoned under an interstate overpass last night after smoke was discovered rising from underneath the hood.

Toyota Corolla
Corolla in front of Albertson's
Toyota Corolla
Corolla under I-10 overpass

Leif was driving west on I-10 last night when he noticed the dashboard Hot-Cold-ometer rising to dangerous levels. He drove 4 miles to the nearest exit, College Drive, where he pulled into an Albertson's parking lot, smoke rising around him as he popped open the hood.

He left the car to cool while he and his girlfriend Rikki went to eat sushi at Koto. They returned with a bottle of water, which Leif used to refill the radiator so he could drive a couple miles to Rikki's house. He was only able to drive to the Perkins Road overpass when the radiator cap blew off and smoke again appeared from under the hood.

"The Toyota Corolla is currently under the overpass, guarded by local law enforcement agents," said Founder spokesman George Spielfisch. "So don't steal it."