Still unknown if Founder in '08 race

Posted: 2007 Jan 31 14:57 UTC

— With the 2008 presidential election just under two years away, a slew of politicians have announced their campaign plans. Now, the public eye is turned to the Founder.

News of his indecision arrived Monday, via instant message, wherein "no comment?" was the official word.

Despite not yet of age to run, nor a U.S. citizen, many consider Leif to be a likely presidential hopeful.

In recent opinion polls analysts found that the voting public is "sick of greedy, lazy politicians", and, say his supporters, Leif would serve the country and the larger global community with "philanthropic-minded zeal".

Though the Founder's only foray into politics is a failed run for class president at his high school in 1993, his supporters feel that he can take that early negative experience and turn it into a positive one.

Little is known about Leif's political beliefs, though environmental conservation may be a key item on his platform, as he has recently purchased a Toyota Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle designed to save oil.

Friends and supporters also believe that he disapproves of current president George W. Bush, because mention of Bush's policies, particularly those concerning the war in Iraq, often elicit eye rolls and use of the "f-word" from him.

E-mails and phone calls to the Worldwide Center for the Study of Leif have not been returned as of press time.

By DOROTHY PAUL, a freelance writer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.