Woman Apologizes for Pre-Prom Dumping

Posted: 2006 Apr 11 19:33 UTC

— The woman who asked Leif to prom in 1993 and a week later said "never mind" apologized this weekend for the poor decision.

The Founder was in tenth grade at the time when senior Nicole LeBlanc, who shared an art class with him, asked Leif to the school prom. He felt happiness for roughly nine days until LeBlanc withdrew her invitation, citing she would go to the prom with her exboyfriend or alone. Leif spiraled into a depression that lasted for three or more months, some say.

The Founder was having a drink with friend Dorothy Paul at the Chimes on Friday when LeBlanc approached him from across the room. LeBlanc immediately started to apologize for the mistake she made 13 years ago, describing her treatment of Leif as mean and terrible.

"She said she was thinking about it just a few weeks ago," said Leif. "I'm surprised that she remembers it and even regrets it."

Paul was also surprised by the girl's confession of remorse. "She even said something like 'And believe me, hon, I've paid for it. Dearly.' Now we're wondering what could have happened to her," said Paul.

"One by one, the girls who have wronged the Founder in one way or another are coming to realize their mistakes," said Founder Spokesman George Spielfisch. "This is a testament to the great impression left by knowing him."

The brief encounter ended after many apologies with a hug and well-wishing.