National Register of Historic Places in East Baton Rouge Parish

East Baton Rouge Parish has its share of buildings and sites on the National Register of Historic Places. I stumbled across a state website that displays addresses, maps, and pictures, but there wasn't an interactive map that showed all locations. (Wikipedia's article does link to one, but the coordinates are inaccurate.)

With the help of Google Maps' satellite view and a friend with access to scans of the National Register of Historic Places registration forms, I was able to find exact positions. Those of you who have a mobile device can now roam the streets in a more directed way to locate the historic places of interest to you. You can make the blue star (blue star) get closer to the pin you want to see next by just biking or walking in the right direction. The table of distances below this Google map will tell you what direction to head in and how far away the historic place is.

blue star Current position

Source: Louisiana Office of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism

Distances and directions

Below are the distances from your current location to each Historic Place. I've decided to let you manually select to start automatic updates of distances because updating each distance requires a separate query to Google. This can potentially eat up your mobile phone plan's allocated data usage, so it's up to you to turn that feature on.

Historic Place Distance
Armour Building--
Audubon Plantation House--
Baker Presbyterian Church--
Barthel Pigeonnier--
Baton Rouge High School--
Baton Rouge Junior High School--
Baton Rouge National Cemetery--
Baton Rouge Water Works Company Standpipe--
Beauregard Town--
Belisle Building--
Broussard House--
Capital City Press Building--
Central Fire Station--
City Park Golf Course--
Cushman House--
Downtown Baton Rouge Historic District--
Drehr Place Historic District--
Dufrocq School--
Fairhaven Plantation House--
Florence Coffee House--
The French House--
Fuqua Hardware Store Building--
Hart House--
Heidelberg Hotel and Hotel King--
Highland Stockade--
Jared Young Sanders, Jr. House--
Joseph Petitpierre (Kleinpeter) House--
Kleinert Terrace Historic District--
Kleinpeter House--
Knox Building--
Kress Building--
Lee Site--
Les Chenes Verts (Live Oaks)--
Levy Hay Warehouse--
Lincoln Theater--
Louisiana State Capitol--
Louisiana Old State Capitol--
Louisiana State University--
LSU Campus Mounds--
Magnolia Cemetery--
Magnolia Mound Plantation House--
Magnolia Mound Plantation House dependency--
Main Street Historic District--
Manship House--
McKinley High School--
Mount Hope Plantation House--
Nicholson Elementary School--
Old Louisiana Governor's Mansion--
Old Post Office--
Ory House--
Pecue House--
Planter's Cabin--
Port Hudson National Cemetary--
Potts House--
Powder Magazine (Old Arsenal Museum)--
Prince Hall Masonic Temple--
Rabalais House--
Reiley-Reeves Home--
Reymond House--
Roseland Terrace Historic District--
Roumain Building--
Santa Maria Plantation House--
Sarah Peralta Archaeological Site--
Scott Street School--
Southern University Archives Building--
Southern University Historic District--
Spanish Town--
St. James Episcopal Church--
St. Joseph Cathedral--
Stewart-Dougherty House--
Tessier Buildings--
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse--
U.S.S. Kidd--
United States Barracks--
Warden's House - Old Louisiana State Penitentiary--
Welsh-Levy Building--
Winans, Fonville Studio--
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Co. Depot--
Zachary Railroad Depot--

Known problems

I and other web developers have noticed that the functionality to locate the current position oftentimes fails with desktop browsers. This is a new technology and there are certainly still bugs in the way browsers perform this operation. Eventually, this will surely be fixed by the browsers and other third parties the browsers query.

Possible future functionality: