A Better Sense of Place

2013 July 4 (Thu)

Less talk, more action

It was time to move beyond ideas. I whipped out a notebook and made a quick sketch of what I've been considering for a while now.

I found some mixed seed packets from Native American Seed. I want to plant some Eastern Savannah Grass Mix by the driveway, some Shade-Friendly Wildflower Mix in the "chicken yard" (where there was a chicken coop before we moved in), and Wetland Fringe Mix in a low part of the yard where water collects after it rains.

I want to move the deck-to-back-corner walkway, bringing it closer to the middle of the yard. I also want to create a new path that crosses the yard in the other direction from the garage to the chicken yard entrance. The firepit will be moved to this new path, taking it out of the shallow where the "wetland" area will be.


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