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2013 August 31 (Sat)

Seeding the Chicken Yard

I did it: I sowed the Shade-Friendly Wildflower Mix in the chicken yard. I reread the Native American Seed webpage on how to do it and when the best time is. They said August to November, the sooner the better. So since it's almost September, surely now would be perfect.

I poured seed in my hand and cast it out like I was feeding chickens. I went through the entire bag, which they said would cover 500 square feet. The chicken yard is 400 square feet, so I should be ok. I lightly waved a branch over the ground to move dirt around a bit, then I walked over everything to press seed in. Now I wait for rain. If I get impatient at the lack of rain, I'll consider watering, but for now I'm going with natural sky water.

In the wetland fringe area, I did some more touch-ups: pulling some grass from around the live oak roots. I think I'll sow that area tomorrow or Monday. I'll see how I feel and if I want to commit to the current landforming that I did last weekend.


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