A Better Sense of Place

2013 September 1 (Sun)

Seeding the Wetland Fringe area

I sowed the Wetland Fringe Mix today, but it left me unsure about how well "wetland" plants will do right there. I guess it hasn't rained in a long time, but the dirt is super dry. Maybe it won't be a big deal once everything is established and their roots have grown down. I only used maybe 2/3 of the pack. Native American Seed lists this size covering 500 square feet. I figured my area is around 200 square feet. I don't have anywhere else in mind to sow this stuff, so I think I'll wait a couple weeks and sow the rest in the same area, just to make sure it takes.

As for whether to water or wait for rain, I don't know. I think I'll make the call tomorrow once I see the forecast. Right now, I'm leaning toward dragging the hose out there and watering. Thankfully it only takes a short, light watering while it's still seed.


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