A Better Sense of Place

2013 October 6 (Sun)

PlantFest 2013

At the Hilltop Arboretum PlantFest, I bought two tulip trees and one American hornbeam for the front yard. For the back, I bought a maypop, inland seaoats, and a buttonbush. I only planted the three trees today since I already had places for them. The others, I'm not sure where they'll go yet. I'll probably put the maypop up against the fence somewhere. The other two will be in the rain garden.

PlantFest didn't have the Shumard oak or hophornbeam that I wanted, so that may wait until the Baton Rouge Green Tree-for-All in a month.

A couple days ago, I harvested some beautyberry and Turk's cap seeds and tossed them in the rain garden. They may not grow, but I thought it couldn't hurt.


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