A Better Sense of Place

2014 March 18 (Tue)

Babies' first spring

The days have been getting warmer and sunnier. The rate of growth in the rain garden has increased lately, though the plants have generally been growing all winter too. The Chicken Yard sprouts have been growing much more slowly, but I'm not too worried. I can spot some flower buds starting to form, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them open so I can figure out what they even are. Looks like a bunch of Rudbeckia to me.

Since I had a lot of extra seeds from the Wetland Fringe mix, I hoed a little area between the trail and the deck, made a mound, and scattered seed around. Nothing to see yet, so I haven't taken a picture. All of these areas are under a giant live oak. Now that I'm not raking any more, its leaves are covering all that was bare dirt. This is rather good, but it makes it more difficult (I assume) to sow new seeds.


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