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2014 March 31 (Mon)

The flowers are coming

Amazing what a little warmer weather and rain will do for wildflowers in the spring. It's only been two weeks, and I can definitely see a huge difference.

The first picture is the Chicken Yard. Some areas, the flowers took to while other areas are rather sparse. I'm not sure what the difference is exactly, but I'm guessing it has to do with lighting, heat, and height (as in where water did not pool).

The second and third pictures are the rain garden. Plant size is hard to make out, but they are big and lush with lots of flower buds. Two flowers are visible if you know where to look. The second picture shows the brand new mound for more flowers (bottom right). The mound currently looks remarkably like a grave. I'm considering putting a tombstone there.

The fourth picture is where the "grassland" will be. I finished the first pass of hoeing over this area, leaving a bottlebrush and some irises. At some point, I'll shake out the St. Augustine roots and rhizomes like I did with the other areas. One concern I have here is how close cars can park to it. As a passenger, I open the door all the time and step out into the grass. When it was turfgrass, that was fine. I don't know yet how to handle native grasses here. Maybe an arc of bricks or something.


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