A Better Sense of Place

2014 May 16 (Fri)

Coreopsis everywhere

The rain garden is now fully covered with coreopsis. Some clasping coneflowers are coming in along with some horsemint. The tallest plants are roughly 5' tall. It's about time to finally cut the path to the back swing since it's pretty overgrown.

With all these flowers, I would have expected tons of bees and butterflies. The number of native bees has increased lately, but I'm wondering if the word will ever get out that this is the flower party.

The Chicken Yard flowers are relatively stunted, but almost in a kinder way since they don't look so overgrown. The shade is keeping them smaller, but they are still flowering. Even though the seed mixes were different, the two areas currently have the same flowers. I'm guessing it's the ones that go to flower in only 8 months after sowing. As things age, I assume it'll work itself out and flowers will be more mature and also grow better in some places over others.


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