A Better Sense of Place

2014 October 6 (Mon)

Blog unveiling

Yes, I'm writing a blog post about this blog. I think I just want to lay down some thoughts about why I'm making this upgrade. I wasn't sure when I created my "Yard Diary" webpage on July 20, 2013, how many entries I was going to write or for how long I'd be writing. Maybe I thought it'd only be a year and that I'd have a good before-and-after picture set and a feeling of completing another 12-month project. Well, it's not turning out to be as finite as I thought.

I've programmed this new custom blog with some pieces of my existing Bread Blog (the Brog) and my Recipes Search section. Some of it is new, too. I still haven't finished my first round of design: the mobile site has no decent navigation other than pageination. I also want to have thumbnails on the list page.

As far as the name, I'm going with "A Better Sense of Place" after brainstorming ideas for a couple days. I kinda like how "Better" has the BTR of Baton Rouge, though it's not that obvious. I might even rename this thing one day. But I found the phrase on a webpage about one pillar of First Nations governance: "It is the Land that gives us our deep sense of place and our sense of self." This is in line with what I've been feeling for the past 3 or so years. My moving to mid-city, biking, networking with local interest groups, signing up for a CSA, choosing local businesses and products whenever I can, and growing interest in native plant species all come from a need to become rooted and understand the place where I live. And as I began to see this place, I began to understand that I'm not separate from it. Outside is not just a large room with no ceiling where we move inanimate landscaping elements around like furniture. It is where everything is from. It is where all life goes about its business of finding food and propagating. It's when I'm inside behind windows that I'm not participating in the experience.

I'll stop there for now because it's late at night and I need sleep. I didn't program this blog to have a forum like all the new school blogs do. If you want to contact me, I do have a mail form for you. (It's under the "Me" section. There's also a link in the page footer.) I thought I should get a few words up now that this is available. For the next post, I want to give an update of the past month of growth and development. With pictures!


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