A Better Sense of Place

2013 August 4 (Sun)

My brand new hoe

My hoe came in earlier this week. Today, I got to use it. I hoed the chicken yard and a good bit of the future wetland. This was not easy in 95°F, high-humidity weather. The hoe was super sharp and was working out really well, but I hit some gravel or something at various points. The edge now has some dents. I'll need to buy a file.

Overall, the roots were very shallow. I guess that was St. Augustine. The monkey grass, though, was more difficult. Then there was some miscellaneous, thin grass that wasn't too happy to be hacked up. I decided to come back to it another day. I expect a lot of the grass to continue growing because I didn't remove any of it. I'll see how that goes. I'll probably hoe a couple more times before I sow any seeds.


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