A Better Sense of Place

Seeding the Chicken Yard

I did it: I sowed the Shade-Friendly Wildflower Mix in the chicken yard. I reread the Native American Seed webpage on how to do it and when the best time is. They said August to November, the sooner the better. So since it's almost September, surely now would be perfect.

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Land sculpting

This weekend, I wanted to just go through everything again and pull out large clumps of grass roots. As I was doing it, I remembered I had wanted to reform the ground a bit so that the very back brick area doesn't get swamped with water whenever it rains a lot. So I started digging a slight depression and a levee of sorts. It's hard to tell which way the water will drain, but it's looking kinda cool now. I made a little ridge and put the stepping stones on it. I guess I'll wait for the dirt to settle a bit. Hopefully, it'll rain at some point, too. Then I might just be ready for sowing next month. I haven't decided exactly when I want to. Perhaps mid-month.

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Continued hoeing

I finished hoeing all the areas I was planning to on Friday. Today, I moved the bricks from the firepit area and then went back and re-hoed everything to mix up more of the roots to try to dry them out. I'm wondering how effective this method is going to be. I know some roots will remain viable. Then there are the dormant seeds hanging around.

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My brand new hoe

My hoe came in earlier this week. Today, I got to use it. I hoed the chicken yard and a good bit of the future wetland. This was not easy in 95°F, high-humidity weather. The hoe was super sharp and was working out really well, but I hit some gravel or something at various points. The edge now has some dents. I'll need to buy a file.

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