A Better Sense of Place

Another scalping

I decided to scalp the future wetland fringe area again. Some of the grass was starting to shoot up again.

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Scalping with a mower

Today was the day to scalp some turf grass in preparation of my hoeing next month (or so), which I'll be doing instead of tilling. I dropped the mower and went at it. I went slowly to give grasshoppers a chance to hop away. Then I moved the stepping stones to what may or may not be their final locations. I just placed them on top of the ground without digging. I think I'll level a couple of them later on when I decide it's good.

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Another backyard "before" pic

I forgot to take one from this angle.

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Backyard "before" pics

I figured I should take some "before" pictures. Here they are.

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Sketch upgrade

I printed out a better scaled drawing of the yard and copied my previous plan onto it.

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Less talk, more action

It was time to move beyond ideas. I whipped out a notebook and made a quick sketch of what I've been considering for a while now.

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