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2014 July 27 (Sun)

New seeds and seedlings

I acquired a whole lotta seeds and plants at the CANPS summer party last night.



It was a great haul. I've figured out where most of it will go once they get acclimated and the weather turns cooler... except for the sparkleberry (winter huckleberry). I'm not convinced it can handle the front yard's full sun, so it may go in some partial shade.

I looked around the yard today to see where to apply my attention and labor. The answer was under the live oak where stupid monkey grass has taken over. Two years ago, I made room for two dwarf palmettos, but they've since been surrounded. I'm pleased to say I've ripped up most of the monkey grass today, though I know there are plenty of roots that will sprout again. I'll just have to pluck them until they stop sprouting, I guess. My plan is to plant some ferns around the live oak. My first fern (the Dixie whatsit) gave me the idea to finally tear into the Liriope.

The overall idea now is to focus on getting perennials established as well as getting mad amounts of native species to see what takes. So far, I haven't spent much money, but I'm afraid I'll be spending a good bit more than usual at this fall's plant sales because I want more ferns and grasses. I'll also be heading over to the Cajun Prairie tour in September to maybe acquire some seed if they let me.


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